Nekses Pastors Network

A Pastors Network focused on supporting empowering and connecting Pastors.

It's our intention to empower Pastors

to walk in the network feeling supported, feeling safe to seek help and feeling empowered when they leave. Pastors connected to this network will receive useful information to foster growth in their personal lives and in ministry.



  • Do you feel like God’s called you to Pastor and if so, did he call you to have great success?
  • Do you feel like you are living below your God given potential?
  • Are you tired of preaching week to week to empty chairs?
  • Are you ready to have members, finances and sustainability?
If so, the Nekses is for YOU!
The Nekses is a network for Pastors designed to give you success and sustainability in your life, business and your ministry.  We have a system that is designed to help you grow to 500 members, $500,000 budget in only 18 months.
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Meet Pastor Antony Murray

Pastor Anthony Murray, a trendsetter, visionary and transformational leader, has a genuine love and passion for people and a profuse love for God. Designed for the contemporary Christian lifestyle, Anthony Murray has been given a New Ministry for a New Day. He is known for his love of inspiring people to not survive but to thrive in life.
Pastor Murray has over twenty years in ministry and is continuously seeking God’s face for new and innovative ways to win souls. The son of a Preacher, he was called to minister God’s word at an early age. He began with a small bible study group which eventually grew to what became known as Club VFL.
In addition to successfully serving as Senior Pastor and leading two congregations, Pastor Murray also leads a group of pastors across the nation through his Pastor’s network – The Nekses - where he models effective strategies in ministry and shares insights into how he has experienced such explosive growth.
A highly sought out speaker, mentor and advisor, Pastor Murray inspires people to dream and do the necessary work to fulfill their dream. Through his individual and group coaching programs he teaches others how to increase profitability and marketability by solving problems.

""If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go with others that are going were you want to go." I'm a part of Neksis because I'm connected with a trail blazer and pioneer in Anthony Murray who is going where I want to go in life and in ministry. "

Pastor Allen Jackson Sr Pastor of Ark Church

"The difference between good and great is exposure. When you connect to something it brings exposure to who you are your gift and your ministry. Connecting with the Nekses is designed to help Pastors grow, develop and become great."

Dr. Shane Perry

"With in 2 months of connecting with the Nekses I have already seen tremendous growth at my church by following the blue print Pastor Anthony Murray and the Nekses has provided. "

Pastor Jimmie Stephens of The Light International Church

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